The Eve C. Middleton Photographic Memorial Tribute

When Eve was clearing through all her stuff immediately prior to leaving New Zealand to travel the world, these rare photographs were unearthed and a lost piece of Bacchanals history was restored. These photographs were taken as the initial publicity/poster images for Twelfth Night but ultimately not used - while we thought they were pretty funny, none of them really sold the show in the way we wanted them to and we elected to remount the photo-shoot using the entire cast (and besides, Eve was getting a complex about always being on the posters). Now that Eve is safely out of the country, the photos can now be securely displayed over the intimate privacy and confidentiality of the internet for all to see.

Eve Middleton (c) The Bacchanals Eve Middleton (c) The Bacchanals Eve Middleton (c) The Bacchanals
Eve Middleton (c) The Bacchanals Eve Middleton (c) The Bacchanals

We love you and miss you, Eve. If you want these photos taken down you'll have to come home. Hic et ubique!!

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