king lear
by william shakespeare

In rehearsal at the Tararua Tramping Clubrooms, July 2007
and in performance at Te Whaea, August 2007

Lear in rehearsal 1
Mick Rose as Lear, Bruce Phillips
as Gloucester, David Goldthorpe as Burgundy.
Lear in rehearsal 2
Erin Banks as Cordelia and
Salesi Le'ota as the King of France.
Lear in rehearsal 3
Malcolm Murray as the Earl of Kent.
Lear in rehearsal 4
Jacqui Nairn as Regan and Alistair Browning
as Cornwall.  Yes, that's the James Stewart
Memorial Wheelchair in the background!
Lear in rehearsal 5
Bruce Phillips as the Earl of Gloucester.
Lear in rehearsal 6
Sam Snedden as Edgar and Salesi Le'ota as Oswald. 
Yep, I think that's a kitchen knife standing in for a weapon.
Lear in rehearsal 7
Jacqui Nairn as Regan and Alex Greig as Edmund.
Lear in rehearsal 8
Alex Greig as Edmund and David Goldthorpe
as the Captain of Edmund's army.
Lear in rehearsal 9
Mick Rose on his second day of rehearsal as King Lear.
Note corpse of Cordelia (Erin Banks) holding his script.
Lear Wellington 1
Alistair Browning as the Duke of Cornwall
and Jacqui Nairn as Regan.
Lear Wellington 2
Alistair Browning as Cornwall.
Lear Wellington 3
Erin Banks as the Fool.
Lear Wellington 4
Amy Tarleton as Goneril.
Lear Wellington 5
Erin Banks as the Fool and Mick Rose as King Lear.
Yes, we know this isn't the most beautifully-aligned
photo page in the world, but bear with us
while we learn how this stuff works!
Don't worry, this is the only photo
that's landscape instead of portrait.
Lear Wellington 6
Amy Tarleton as Goneril and
Alex Greig as Edmund.
Lear Wellington 7
Erin Banks as Cordelia and
Mick Rose as Lear.
Lear Wellington 8
Phil Grieve as the Duke of Albany.
Lear Wellington 9
Alex Greig as Edmund and
Jacqui Nairn as Regan.
Lear Wellington 10
Mick Rose as Lear and
Erin Banks as Cordelia.
Lear Wellington 11
Phil Grieve as Albany, Malcolm Murray as Kent,
Mick Rose as Lear and Erin Banks as Cordelia.
Eventually the 'more photos' link will take you to pictures the late Reg Graham took of the show at the Fortune,
but our web skills haven't extended that far yet, so who knows where the link will lead?  To photos from
A Midsummer Night's Dream, we suspect! (Yes, aspects of this website are currently cut & paste!)

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