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King Lear photo(c) The Bacchanals

the tragedy of king lear
by william shakespeare
Wednesday 1 August - Sunday 5 August 2007, Te Whaea Theatre, Wellington;
Friday 10 August - Saturday 1 September 2007, Fortune Theatre, Dunedin

[from a foyer sign, August 2007] WARNING! King Lear contains a smoke machine, a strobe light, some loud noises, violence and repeated use of the word 'bastard'. It also suggests that life might be meaningless. Sufferers of existential angst may find this play disturbing.

Mick Rose (King Lear), Erin Banks (Cordelia, The Fool), Alex Greig (Edmund), Salesi Le'ota (France, Oswald), Phil Grieve (Albany, Old Man), Malcolm Murray (Kent), Bruce Phillips (Gloucester), Amy Tarleton (Goneril), Jacquie Nairn (Regan), David Goldthorpe (Burgundy, Knight, Curan, Servant, Messenger, Captain), Sam Snedden (Edgar), Alistair Browning (Cornwall, Doctor)
Set Design Peter King; Stage Manager Simon Vincent (Wellington) Alan Surgener (Dunedin); Lighting Design Joshua Judkins (Wellington) Alan Surgener (Dunedin); Sound Design Walter Plinge; Publicity Mia Judkins (Wellington) Lisa Scott (Dunedin); Photography Karin Reinholt, Reg Graham; Directed by David Lawrence

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