the bacchae
by euripides

Bacchae Poster (c) The Bacchanals
Warning: these photographs of The Bacchae are from a dress rehearsal and, sadly, a dress rehearsal at which Eve opted not to soak herself in blood for the final scenes; therefore some of the photos do not aptly convey the horror of the real thing as it was on the night. If you want to experience The Bacchae in its full blood-soaked magnificence, you'll have to order a copy of the limited edition DVD, available in July 2004.
Close every door and stand your ground photo (c) The Bacchanals
"The female population of Thebes, to the last woman,
I have sent raving from their homes to join
The daughters of Cadmus in the forests and the hills."
She gave him the gift of prophecy photo (c) The Bacchanals
Julia Harrison, James Stewart, Irene Flanagan, Alex Greig and Eve Middleton as the Chorus.
For women darkness is deceptive and impure photo (c) The Bacchanals
"Take this madman and no more let him make
A mockery of me and of our great city."
James Stewart as Dionysus and Alex Greig as Pentheus
Wait! photo (c) The Bacchanals
"Women, this man is now within my net.
He'll visit the Bacchae and meet with death."
James and Alex as Dionysus and Pentheus
O that the night would never end photo (c) The Bacchanals
"I long to set Thebes laughing at him as
He walks in female garb throughout the streets"
The Chorus sing while onscreen Pentheus is transformed.
Pentheus transformed with Dionysus photo (c) The Bacchanals
"My thyrsus - should I hold it in my right
Or my left hand to look more like a Bacchanal?"
James and Alex as Dionysus and Pentheus
Hounds of madness photo (c) The Bacchanals
"Fly, fly you hounds of madness
Fly to the mountains where
Cadmus' daughters dance in ecstasy"
Pentheus screamed as long as life was in him photo (c) The Bacchanals
"The thousand women set themselves upon him;
Pentheus screamed as long as life was in him
While the Bacchae howled in triumph."
Julia Harrison as the Messenger
I caught him without a trap photo (c) The Bacchanals
"I caught him without a trap -
A lion cub, young and wild."
Eve Middleton as Agauë with Pentheus' head
Agaue with Pentheus
"Will no one call my son to see me here
And share in this my happiness?"
Eve Middleton as Agauë
Agaue with Pentheus
"What noble prize is this that you lay down
Before the gods' feet?"
Eve as Agauë and James as Cadmus, with Chorus and severed head.
Now I shall die with none to mourn for me photo (c) The Bacchanals
"Now I shall die with none to mourn for me.
My son, how cruel and unnatural are these tears
Which should have fallen from your dear eyes
On my dead face. Now I will die alone."
Eve Middleton as Agauë
Behold me wretches photo (c) The Bacchanals
"Behold me wretches, great and powerful.
I am Dionysus; the son the Theban Semele
Bore to immortal Zeus."

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