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Crave Poster (c) The Bacchanals The Bacchanals

Car Crave photo (c) The Bacchanals Back Crave photo (c) The Bacchanals Homeless Crave photo (c) The Bacchanals

photographs by Sar Ruddenklau

Preset Crave photo (c) The Bacchanals
"You're dead to me."
A & C Crave photo (c) The Bacchanals
James Stewart as A and Tina Helm as C
M & B Crave photo (c) The Bacchanals
Eve Middleton as M and Carey Smith as B
Nose Crave photo (c) The Bacchanals
"I've never broken a bone in my body. But my dad has. Smashed his nose in a car crash when he was eighteen. And I've got this. Genetically impossible, but there it is. We pass these messages faster than we think and in ways we don't think possible."
Plane Crave photo (c) The Bacchanals
"I was catching a plane. A psychic predicted that I would not get on this flight but that my lover would. The plane would crash and he would be killed. I didn't know what to do. If I missed the flight I would be fulfilling the prophecy so risking my lover's death. But in order to break the prophecy I would have to get on a plane that seemed destined to crash."
Baby Crave photo (c) The Bacchanals
"I hate these words that keep me alive
I hate these words that won't let me die"
I am so tired Crave photo (c) The Bacchanals
"I crave white on white on black, but my thoughts race in glorious technicolour, prodding me awake, whipping away the warm blanket of invisibility every time it swears to cover my mind in nothing."
Here I am in the darkness once again Crave photo (c) The Bacchanals
"Here I am, once again, here I am, here I am, in the darkness, once again."

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