a midsummer night's dream
by william shakespeare

A Midsummer Night
Irene Flanagan as Hippolyta (c) Robert Catto
Irene Flanagan as Hippolyta
Theseus and Hippolyta (c) Robert Catto
"Hippolyta, I wooed thee with my sword
And won thy love doing thee injuries,
But I will wed thee in another key:
With pomp, with triumph and with revelling."
Walter Plinge as Theseus & Irene Flanagan as Hippolyta
Lysander, Egeus and Demetrius (c) Robert Catto
"I am, my lord, as well deriv'd as he,
As well possess'd; my love is more than his."
Hadleigh Walker as Lysander, Alex Greig as Egeus & James Stewart as Demetrius
Hermia and Lysander (c) Robert Catto
"For aught that I could ever read,
Could ever hear by tale or history,
The course of true love never did run smooth."
Tina Helm as Hermia & Hadleigh Walker as Lysander
Erin Banks as Helena (c) Robert Catto
Erin Banks as Helena
The Mechanicals rehearsing (c) Robert Catto
"Marry, our play is 'The most lamentable comedy, and most cruel death of Pyramus and Thisbe."
Tina Helm as Peter Quince, Hadleigh Walker as Snout, James Stewart as Flute & Natasya Yusoff as Starveling.
Tina Helm as Peter Quince (c) Robert Catto
Tina Helm as Peter Quince
 James Stewart as Flute (c) Robert Catto
"Faith, let not me play a woman! I have a beard coming."
James Stewart as Francis Flute
Natasya Yusoff as Robin Starveling (c) Robert Catto
Natasya Yusoff as Robin Starveling
Oberon and Puck (c) Robert Catto
"That very time I saw (but thou couldst not)
Flying between the cold moon and the earth
Cupid all arm'd: a certain aim he took
At a fair vestal, throned by the west,
And loos'd his love-shaft smartly from his bow
As it should pierce a hundred thousand hearts."
Walter Plinge as Oberon & Natasya Yusoff as Puck
Walter Plinge as Oberon (c) Robert Catto
Walter Plinge as Oberon
Helena and Demetrius (c) Robert Catto
"It is not night when I do see your face,
Therefore I think I am not in the night"
Erin Banks as Helena & James Stewart as Demetrius
Oberon & Puck (c) Robert Catto
"I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows"
Walter Plinge as Oberon & Natasya Yusoff as Puck
"Philomel with melody,
Sing in our sweet lullaby"
Alex, Erin, Hadleigh, Natasya, James, Tina & Walter as fairies
Titania & Oberon (c) Robert Catto
"What thou seest when thou dost wake
Do it for thy true love take."
Irene Flanagan as Titania & Walter Plinge as Oberon
Lysander & Hermia (c) Robert Catto
"One turf shall serve as pillow for us both;
One heart, one bed, two bosoms and one troth."
Hadleigh Walker as Lysander & Tina Helm as Hermia
Lysander & Hermia (c) Robert Catto
"But gentle friend, for love and courtesy,
Lie further off, in human modesty."
Hadleigh Walker as Lysander & Tina Helm as Hermia
Puck & Lysander (c) Robert Catto
"This is he my master said
Despised the Athenian maid"
Natasya Yusoff as Puck & Hadleigh Walker as Lysander
Helena & Hermia (c) Robert Catto
"Happy is Hermia, wheresoe'er she lies,
For she hath blessed and attractive eyes."
Erin Banks as Helena & Tina Helm as Hermia
Tina Helm as Hermia (c) Robert Catto
Tina Helm as Hermia
Nick Bottom (c) Robert Catto
"I am a man, as other men are!"
Alex Greig as Nick Bottom
Nick Bottom (c) Robert Catto
"I see their knavery: this is to make an ass of me, to fright me, if they could."
Alex Greig as Nick Bottom

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