a midsummer night's dream
by william shakespeare

Helena & Lysander (c) Robert Catto
"These vows are Hermia's: will you give her o'er?"
Erin Banks as Helena & Hadleigh Walker as Lysander
Hermia, Lysander & Demetrius (c) Robert Catto
"'Little' again? Nothing but 'low' and 'little'?
Why will you suffer her to flout me thus?
Let me come to her!"
Tina Helm as Hermia, restrained by Hadleigh Walker & James Stewart
Lysander & Hermia (c) Robert Catto
"Get you gone, you dwarf!"
Hadleigh Walker as Lysander & Tina Helm as Hermia
Natasya Yusoff as Robin Goodfellow (c) Robert Catto
Natasya Yusoff as Robin Goodfellow
Hermia & Helena (c) Robert Catto
"On the ground, sleep sound."
Tina Helm as Hermia & Erin Banks as Helena
Nick Bottom (c) Robert Catto
"Now, when thou wak'st, with thine own fool's eyes peep."
Alex Greig as Bottom
Oberon & Titania (c) Robert Catto
"Now thou and I are new in amity
And will tomorrow midnight solemnly
Dance in Duke Theseus' house triumphantly
And bless it to all fair prosperity."
Walter Plinge as Oberon & Irene Flanagan as Titania
Nick Bottom (c) Robert Catto
"I will get Peter Quince to write a ballad of this dream. It shall be called 'Bottom's Dream', because it hath no bottom!"
Alex Greig as Nick Bottom
The mechanicals (c) Robert Catto
"Bottom! O, most courageous day! O, most happy hour!"
James, Hadleigh, Tina, Alex, Erin & Natasya as Flute, Snout, Quince, Bottom, Snug & Starveling
Hippolyta & Theseus (c) Robert Catto
"I never may believe these antique fables
Nor these fairy toys."
Irene Flanagan as Hippolyta & Walter Plinge as Theseus
Demetrius & Lysander (c) Robert Catto
James Stewart as Demetrius & Hadleigh Walker as Lysander
Thisbe, Wall, Pyramus & Moonshine (c) Robert Catto
"And through wall's chink, poor souls, they are content
To whisper, at the which let no man wonder!"
James as Thisbe, Hadleigh as Wall, Alex as Pyramus and Natasya as Moonshine
Snout as Wall (c) Robert Catto
"And this the cranny is, right and sin'ster
Through which the fearful lovers are to whisper."
Hadleigh Walker as Wall
Bottom as Pyramus (c) Robert Catto
"O, grim-look'd night! O, night with hue so black!"
Alex Greig as Pyramus
Wall & Thisbe (c) Robert Catto
"O, Wall, full often hast thou heard my moans
For parting my fair Pyramus and me."
Hadleigh Walker as Wall & James Stewart as Thisbe
Snug as Lion (c) Robert Catto
"For if I should as lion come in strife
Into this place, 'twere pity on my life!"
Erin Banks as Lion
Starveling as Moonshine (c) Robert Catto
"All that I have to say is, to tell you that the lantern is the moon; I the Man i'th'Moon; this thorn-bush, my thorn-bush; and ... "
Natasya Yusoff as Moonshine
Moonshine & Box Terrier (c) Robert Catto
" ... this dog, my dog!"
Natasya Yusoff as Moonshine & Box Terrier as the Dog
Bottom as Pyramus (c) Robert Catto
"Now am I dead."
Alex Greig as Pyramus
Dancing the Bergomask (c) Robert Catto
Alex Greig & James Stewart dance the Bergomask
Robin Goodfellow (c) Robert Catto
"Now the hungry lion roars
And the wolf behowls the moon"
Natasya Yusoff as Robin Goodfellow
Fairies (c) Robert Catto
"First rehearse your song by rote
To each one a warbling note
Hand in hand with fairy grace
Will we sing and bless this place"
Erin as Cobweb, Walter as Oberon, Irene as Titania, Tina as Peaseblossom

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